Branding for businesses goes beyond simply choosing a name and a logo. Branding is all about how people will perceive you. This is very important, especially for businesses that are just starting out. If you choose the wrong brand, it will be extremely difficult to undo it. Every business should think of their brand as their identity – what they are known for.

Steps for Branding a Business

Identify your target market. Since your brand is your identity, you want it to resonate with the people you are targeting. For instance, if you will be selling products for children, your brand name and logo can be colorful and playful. A mature audience will need something bold and meaningful.

Think of your personality and focus:  As much as you want to appeal to the target market, your brand should also represent you. It should somehow tell your story and what you believe in.

Consider your positioning statement:  What your brand aims to do is an important aspect of branding. It should be something different that can be used in your tagline to make customers understand your mandate.

Have a concept in mind: A concept can be like a metaphor that aptly summarizes your business. For instance, if it is a business that is just taking off, a hatched chicken could be a concept. That is just an example of the many possibilities you could explore. The concept can be developed into a unique logo that becomes your legacy.

Choose your business name: Many people go wrong when choosing their business name because they do it in a hurry without thinking. It is extremely complex to rebrand and change the business name. You should aim to get it right the first time. It should be memorable, interesting, and have meaning.

Have a slogan: When branding businesses, slogans compliment the business name and logo. Think of Nike and the famous “Just Do it” slogan that many people know.

If you are branding your business and feeling overwhelmed, you should consider working with professionals and acquiring the necessary resources that will help you to succeed. Hire a reputable marketing company that understands your plans and vision.